Private Singing Lessons

Leanne offers private singing lessons tailored to each persons needs. She will work on developing technique which will create more vocal ease and help you understand your instrument. Leanne is a performer herself so understands the importance of acting through song, this is something she is big on as well as building confidence to do so. 

During COVID19 all lessons will be online at a cheaper price of £10 for 30mins


£20.00 per 30-min 

£25.00 per 45-min

£30.00 per 60-min   

Block payment offer

10% off when you buy 5 lessons upfront

30 mins sessions at £18 = £90

45 mins sessions at £22.50 = £112.50

60 mins sessions at £27.00 =£135

15% off when you buy 10 sessions upfront

30 mins sessions to £17 =170
45 mins sessions to £21.25= £212.50
60 mins sessions to £25.50= £255